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The Box Shop


From moving boxes through to packing tape, we stock a range of quality packaging materials, essential to protecting your valued items while in storage and relocating.


Our air-conditioned box shop is open 4.5 days per week and our helpful staff are ready to provide advice on the best packaging solution to suit your needs. We have the largest range of boxes and packaging, competitively priced in Aldinga and the surrounding areas.


By placing small, loose and delicate items in boxes of similar sizes, moving and stacking the storage unit becomes much quicker and more efficient. Have peace of mind knowing your valuable items stay safe from breakage and will remain in great condition, free from dust. Our boxes are strong, durable and are made from 100% recycled or environmentally friendly cardboard. Storers receive 20% discount and volume discounts apply to non-storers.






Tea chest
Picture/TV carton
Carry box
Postal boxes -
small & large


Bubble wrap
Butchers paper
Mattress cover
Lounge cover
Packing Tape
Moving blankets


Dry sac dessicant
Tape dispenser
Marker pens
Box safety cutter
Insect bombs